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Coca-Cola Opoly Game

Coca-Cola Opoly Game

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Collect iconic Coca-Cola art while learning about the history of this cultural icon. Play on a vintage style game board featuring all the classic advertising that made Coke famous! Each card features an important milestone in Coke history, from the invention of the Coca-Cola formula, to the world-wide brand that everyone keeps in the fridge for that refreshing taste! It's always Coca-Cola.


  • 6 Collectible Metal Tokens
  • 22 Vintage Art Cards
  • 4 Refreshments! Cards
  • 2 Drink Up Cards
  • 16 Coca-Cola Cards
  • 16 Coke Cards
  • 1 Pack of Money
  • 32 Discs
  • 12 Six-Packs
  • 2 dice
  • Game instructions
  • Each of the cards comes with unique trivia
  • For 2-6 players
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